Enrollment Season 2024

Education Program

Take advantage of our no-cost, research-driven education program. Now you can simplify enrollment season — and empower every employee to make more informed, confident decisions. 

There's a direct link between benefits understanding and benefits satisfaction.

When employees understand their options, they choose benefits that fit their needs. Fit their goals. Fit their budget.

That's why we designed BeneFIT. Based on hundreds of surveys and interviews, we optimized our communications to maximize benefits literacy and understanding. Customize your BeneFIT package today and make a bigger impact with less effort. 

We make it so easy. 

Simple communications create meaningful interactions.

It's easy because we handle everything, from start to finish.

Virtual Benefits Fair 

Give employees easy access to educational content and resources.



Quick, engaging content that drives to your custom Education Center or enrollment site.


Custom Education Center

Step-by-step messaging to reinforce the value of the benefits you offer.


Live Webinars

Fun events that help employees learn how to get more from their benefits.

Get started in just three simple steps.

Contact Account Manager 

Discover the options and opportunities that best fit your goals. 


Customize your BeneFIT

It's quick. Just share your enrollment dates and a bit of other info.

Upload email list 

Log into your client account or work with your Account Manager.

Explore original HealthEquity research. See why benefits engagement matters more than ever. 



Engagement. Clarity. Understanding.

Making benefits more affordable for all

Here's why your educational communications can make a big difference when it comes to overall benefits satisfaction.

Discover strategies to help tackle inflation, reduce healthcare costs, and promote long-term financial security. 

BeneFIT Education Program

Request a conversation with your account manager.

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